Riverside Temecula Drivers Ed

safe_driverLearning to drive in Temecula Ca will always be one of my fondest memories I have. The Rolling hills are all green with new grass from the recent rains. The cows are out only during the day because the nights are getting colder. The temperature is just right so you do not have to use the air conditioner and you can even crack your windows open. This was the best time in my life to learn to drive. It happened in the best place on earth Southern California. I could start in Temecula and drive up the 15 to Riverside. I could even go cruise the Tyler Mall if there were not to many low riders out.

The thing that always separated Temecula from other cities around it is the population. In Temecula you have mostly nice houses on bigger lots many with vineyards. The open roads and large pastures make it nice but it is still close enough to town so you can get your shopping done and hit the bank all in one trip. What i mean is nothing was ever too far aways to be able to make it there without out to much hassle. So as a kid you had the best of both worlds. you grew up in the country and plenty of room to roam and play. You also were close enough to the local fast food to satisfy that craving without driving 20 miles down the frwy. If you did have to drive anywhere you could usually avoid all the traffic that shuts down the Riverside area. And most of Orange county also.

So the moral of the story may not be Temecula is the best place in the world to get your learner’s permit. The moral may be that Temecula in general is a great place to grow up in Southern California. Living on a huge vineyard with open country roads and swimming holes to go cool off in. The dogs do not have to be on leashes and there are fences separating each house and making it look like little boxes everywhere. Take a drive through Temecula if you ever get a chance, its a great little town.