I decided to create a place to talk about fabulous places to live and the amazing services that make that those cities so great to visit and to live in. I started in New york and made friends with some glamorous friends who also wanted to share their stories. We talk about the restaurants and the hotels and the ways they make themselves more enticing to come fraternize.

A nice home is always a challenge to keep up the maintenance and create more value with upgrades and curb appeal. You may want to paint or add on to your house and i will try to find good companies to help you with this.

A well maintained lawn and grounds is always a perfect place to start to make your home look nice. Knowing good companies is a help but also knowing how to get around town can help you to enjoy your city even more. And then there are those times when you just need a service and you want to know who to call, and we will try to help you out with this also. Cheers for know i will be back and my friends will stop by and talk about some topics that might interest you.

Sincer gratitude from the privileged,



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